StormFlood Engineering

Providing specialist flood and stormwater reporting for property in South-East Queensland.



We offer a full suite of engineering solutions relating to water – whether that be overland flow path reporting, flood impact assessments, or stormwater management plans. If you’re unsure if we can help, please feel free to send through an enquiry.

Overland Flow Path Report

Our experience in hydrology, hydraulics and flooding, allows us to provide rapid, accurate assessments of flood data and information, to determine the constraints and opportunities for your project outcomes.

Flood Assessments

Our Flood Management services include due-diligence and preliminary flood advice, Desktop Flood Studies, Flood Modelling, Hydraulic Impact Assessments, Flood Emergency Management and Evacuation Plans, as well as Report generation for Government Authority Approvals and Building Certification.

Stormwater Management

Our Stormwater Management services include, due-diligence and preliminary assessments, stormwater quantity and quality modelling, On-Site Detention (OSD) analysis, Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), Maintenance Management Plans and Report generation for Government Authority Approvals.


StormFlood was founded by Martin (Chartered Engineer and RPEQ) in 2020 after wanting to provide direct professional engineer-to-client services (A lost art in todays world). His diverse background across civil engineering, construction and most importantly his specialisation in flood and stormwater management, allows clients to discuss project needs with a professional that truly understands your project constraints and can provide tailored advice to achieve an efficient outcome.

StormFlood focuses on flooding assessments (e.g. Overland Flow Path reports and Flood Impact Assessments), stormwater management (Quality and Quantity), and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) predominantly for Development Approvals.

StormFlood also provides due-diligence advice on pre-purchases, under contract and purchased properties, to help determine your flood risk and site opportunities.

Martin has provided engineering support on hundreds of development applications in his 10+ years career within the development and construction industry, with a major focus in the SEQ (in particular Brisbane City Council) and eastern QLD seaboard regions.

Martin Roushani Zarmehri


Here at StormFlood, we’re always looking to help our clients achieve the best outcomes possible for their project. We can assist in all kinds of property projects and usually get involved at the development application stage to demonstrate that a project is compliant with the relevant planning scheme provisions including flood assessments, stormwater management plans, and overland flow path assessments. 

Property Enquiry

We're happy to take your enquiry and provide some initial feedback free of charge. Send us through a bit of information now.

Fee Proposal

If you need, we'll provide a fee proposal for our services outlining all of the costs, timeframes and process involved with moving your project forward.

Development Application Reporting

We have a decade of experience in working with town planning consultants to assist in the development application process.

Operational Works

When you get your approval from Council, we can assist through the operational works phase of the project to ensure the proper delivery of your stormwater, flooding, or overland flow path works.

We make flooding and stormwater solutions that are fit for purpose.

StormFlood has over a decade of experience in assisting property developers solve their stormwater and flooding issues. If you have an issue, or even want a second opinion, get in touch with us now!


Our Flood and Stormwater engineering services focus on what we specialise in, and aim to provide upfront and engaging advice, to ensure our clients get a cost-effective, high-quality outcome. We go against the grain in comparison to traditional brick-and-mortar engineering firms, by providing greater flexibilities with time and location, which provides rapid project delivery times. Our experience lies mainly within Queensland, with our focus being South-East QLD Local Government Authorities, such as Brisbane City, City of Gold Coast, Ipswich City, Logan City and Moreton Bay Regional Council.


Stormwater and Flooding can be dangerous. The safety of people and property is our main focus and priority.


We aim to help you get your development approvals by working alongside your other consultants to get you the best result in the most cost efficient way!


We have thorough quality assurance checks to ensure any reporting will tick the boxes straight away with an optimal design.


We utilise the latest software and methods to undertake flood and stormwater models of suited for your project. If we can get you a better result using new technology, we're already doing it!


We love working with property developers, town planners, and other civil engineering firms. Take a look at some of the feedback we get from our clients below.