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We specialise in providing reporting for Overland Flow Path reporting in Brisbane City Council and the South-East Queensland area.

Overland Flow Paths

Do you need our flood engineering help?

If you are proposing any of the following work within an Overland Flow Path, you will likely need some input from StormFlood:



Are you doing any kind of building works? Like an extension, renovation, or new build? If your site is within an overland flow path, you will need our help!


In any property project, whether it be a subdivision or land, commercial, industrial, or multiple dwelling development, if your site has Overland flow, we can help!


Looking to buy a property that is affected by an overland flow path? Make sure it won't have an impact upon your livelihood, safety of your family, or your ability to enjoy your property.

What is an Overland Flow Path?

An Overland Flow Path (or an Urban Flow Catchment) is a flooding event that usually occurs during heavy rainfall events and are difficult to predict and manage as they are generally influenced by localised rainfall and urban features such as pipes, roads, fences, walls and other structures. 

The impact and depth of overland flow can vary depending on the local conditions, but typically, it occurs rapidly and for short durations. This phenomenon is common in Brisbane’s summer storm season.

Overland Flow Path Report

It is imperative that any proposed development addresses potential issues resulting from flooding or the overland flow of stormwater. To ensure this, hydrologic and hydraulic investigations must be conducted to showcase that your development will not have any adverse impact on flooding in upstream, downstream, or adjacent properties.

Is my property in an Overland Flow Path?

The easiest way to find out if your property is affected by an Overland Flow Path is to enquire with your local council. The majority of local council websites will have a property enquiry tool or mapping system. Using Brisbane City Council as an example, we have provided a simple step-by-step process below to help you get the hang of it quicker:

Want to be extra cautious? We also recommend checking out the Flood Awareness Map that Brisbane City Council provides:

Overland Flow Paths

Image credit: Brisbane City Council

About StormFlood

StormFlood was founded by Martin (Chartered Engineer and RPEQ) in 2020 after wanting to provide direct professional engineer-to-client services (A lost art in todays world). His diverse background across civil engineering, construction and most importantly his specialisation in flood and stormwater management, allows clients to discuss project needs with a professional that truly understands your project constraints and can provide tailored advice to achieve an efficient outcome.

StormFlood focuses on flooding assessments (e.g. Overland Flow Path reports and Flood Impact Assessments), stormwater management (Quality and Quantity), and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) predominantly for Development Approvals.

StormFlood also provides due-diligence advice on pre-purchases, under contract and purchased properties, to help determine your flood risk and site opportunities.

Martin has provided engineering support on hundreds of development applications in his 10+ years career within the development and construction industry, with a major focus in the SEQ (in particular Brisbane City Council) and eastern QLD seaboard regions.


Martin Roushani Zarmehri

Our Process

Here at StormFlood, we’ve got years of experience in modelling overland flow paths for both property developers, town planners, but also for home owners just for piece of mind. We can assist in all kinds of property projects and usually get involved at the development application stage to demonstrate that a project is compliant with the relevant planning scheme provisions including flood assessments, stormwater management plans, and overland flow path assessments. 

Property Enquiry

We're happy to take your enquiry and provide some initial feedback free of charge. Send us through a bit of information now.

Fee Proposal

If you need, we'll provide a fee proposal for our services outlining all of the costs, timeframes and process involved with moving your project forward.

Overland Flow Path Modelling

We'll use the most up to date technology to model the overland flow path affecting your property. We run thousands of simulations to get the most accurate results for your specific cirumstances.


Once we're done, we'll provide you, your town planner, or building certifier, a comprehensive flood report detailing the impacts of the overland flow path on your property. Whether it be for a development, extension, renovation, or just for piece of mind.

We specialise in dealing with Overland Flow Paths in Brisbane City Council.

StormFlood has over a decade of experience in assisting home owners, town planners, and property developers in addressing issues relating to Overland Flow Paths. We aim to give you the best outcome possible to fit your scenario!


We love working with property developers, town planners, and other civil engineering firms. Take a look at some of the feedback we get from our clients below.