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We are experts in Stormwater Management Plans and Reports in Queensland.

Stormwater Management Plans​

Do you need a Stormwater management plan?​

We provide specialist assistance on projects that require Stormwater Management strategies to be provided, with a focus on providing industry-leading Stormwater Management Plans for all types and sizes of development in Queensland.

Our Stormwater Management services include, due-diligence and preliminary assessments, stormwater quantity and quality modelling, On-Site Detention (OSD) analysis, Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), Maintenance Management Plans and Report generation for Government Authority Approvals.


Looking to buy a property for the purposes of a development project? We can assist at an early stage to identify any major stormwater management issues.


Most development applications will require you to address stormwater via a RPEQ stormwater management plan. We work alongside town planners to provide all reporting necessary for approval.


We specialise in provide site-based stormwater management plans (SBSMP) that address quantity, and also quality. Our aim is to find you the most cost effective solution.


WSUD is an approach to urban planning that integrates the management of water resources into the development of urban environments to improve the handling of water and reducing any potential negative impacts.

What is a stormwater management plan?

A stormwater management plan is a comprehensive strategy for managing the runoff from rainfall and other weather events in urban areas. Whenever a property development is undertaken, the local and state planning scheme policies require that the developer addresses all potential issues relating to stormwater management including a lawful point of discharge, and non-worsening the existing scenario. 

A stormwater management plan typically includes measures to control (quantity) and treat (quality) stormwater, as well as guidelines for the construction of stormwater infrastructure such as detention and bio-retention basins, green roofs, and permeable pavements. The goal of a stormwater management plan is to prevent flooding, erosion, and water pollution, while also promoting the sustainable use of water resources.


Stormwater Management

A Stormwater Management Plan is intended to address localised flooding through effective management of the stormwater network. This might include using pipes, easements, swales, and more. Our detailed reporting can find you the most cost effective solution.

About StormFlood

StormFlood was founded by Martin (Chartered Engineer and RPEQ) in 2020 after wanting to provide direct professional engineer-to-client services (A lost art in todays world). His diverse background across civil engineering, construction and most importantly his specialisation in flood and stormwater management, allows clients to discuss project needs with a professional that truly understands your project constraints and can provide tailored advice to achieve an efficient outcome.

StormFlood focuses on flooding assessments (e.g. Overland Flow Path reports and Flood Impact Assessments), stormwater management (Quality and Quantity), and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) predominantly for Development Approvals.

StormFlood also provides due-diligence advice on pre-purchases, under contract and purchased properties, to help determine your flood risk and site opportunities.

Martin has provided engineering support on hundreds of development applications in his 10+ years career within the development and construction industry, with a major focus in the SEQ (in particular Brisbane City Council) and eastern QLD seaboard regions.


Martin Roushani Zarmehri

Our Process

Here at StormFlood, we’ve got years of experience in developing stormwater management plans for property developers, town planners, and local government. We can assist in all kinds of property projects and usually get involved at the development application stage to demonstrate that a project is compliant with the relevant planning scheme provisions including flood assessments, stormwater management plans, and overland flow path assessments. 

Property Enquiry

We're happy to take your enquiry and provide some initial feedback free of charge. Send us through a bit of information now.

Fee Proposal

If you need, we'll provide a fee proposal for our services outlining all of the costs, timeframes and process involved with moving your project forward.

Stormwater management investigation

We use industry standard software to model your development and see what amount of stormwater management will be required. We provide a detailed model of the natural flows of water and capture them appropriately.

Development Application lodgement

In the first instance, we're usually helping provide detailed stormwater management plans and reporting for a town planner to use in their development application lodgement to local council. We work alongside your consultants to get the best result possible.

We specialise in stormwater management plans in South-East Queensland.

We’ve been developing stormwater management plans and reports for over a decade and are always aiming to get the most cost efficient solution that fits your development needs. We work with your project team.


We love working with property developers, town planners, and other civil engineering firms. Take a look at some of the feedback we get from our clients below.